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Thread: Designer - Enhancement Request Job Hops

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    Default Designer - Enhancement Request Job Hops

    Hey all,
    I received a job that had a problem and had a hard time debugging. I found the problem after creating a new one from scratch (that worked correctly) and then diff'ed the two --

    There were TWO (2) identictal hops between the same steps. Visually, they were on top of each other and not visible.

    * Multiple hops between two identical steps should 'curve', branch, or do something visual to identify multiple hops.
    * Extend Job explorer/tree outline to include 'hops' branch similar to transformations.

    May save various drinking binges for some frustrated developers in the future ;-)

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    Or, simpler implementation, different arrow style or color for when multiple hops between the same steps.

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    I like the curved idea.
    Or even more simple: disallow the creation of multiple hops between the same 2 job entries.
    After all, there is nothing you can't solve without the feature.

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