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Thread: Excel Output with multiple sheet

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    Question Excel Output with multiple sheet

    I want to create a excel files with multiple sheet but the step excel output crushes has each first sheet of the document

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    hi nico,
    you can't do that ... The trans step don't offer the possibiliy to create a multi sheet excel file ... perhaps some one can developpe this functionnality in a near version of PDI.

    best regard.

    Bonjour mon padawan,
    tu ne peux pas faire cela ... l'étape de transformation n'offre pas la possibilité de créer des fichiers excel multi page. Peut être que quelqu'un peut développer cette fonctionnalité dans une version future de PDI.

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    I think you can use template file and append data to the same template with difference sheet name but you may have to create template first with each sheet name that you will use in transformation setting.

    You can see the example transformation from the attached picture.
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    in the 3.1 (in dev) version, you can append on a excel file.
    PDI will create a new sheet (or update the existing) one if you choose this option.



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    Default RE: Excel Output with multiple sheet

    Hi samatar,

    I ran into the same kind of issue. Is there any update on this thread? Please let me know.


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    Default Output to Multiple sheets in 3.1?

    I'm trying to figure out if we'll be able to use Kettle to output to Excel Templates with multiple sheets. So far, the results are less than perfect, with most attempts ending up with all data on one sheet. The worst results occur when Excel says it had to "repair" one of the sheets after Kettle has written the file.

    I have included my test files, if anyone is interested in seeing them. Basically, I get a folder's worth of file data, and use that as my input. I'm trying to write to both the "Hello" and "World" tabs of a very simple spreadsheet template, and passing the name of the spreadsheet from Transform 1 to Transform 2 as a variable, so that the second transform can use the result of the first as its template.

    Depending on how the excel ouput step is set, I either get one set of data or two, but they're always one-right-after-the-other on the same sheet (and I think they're always on the first sheet of the template, no matter what I specify in the sheet name field) - never on the "right" sheet.

    At this point, I'm willing to try a build of 3.1, if one is available, just to see if this issue can be solved. We have some major transform work going on, moving from a legacy system to a new database, and the entire data transfer process is handled via multi-tabbed Excel Templates.

    Any help is appreciated.


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