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Thread: Recover From Job Failure

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    Default Recover From Job Failure

    (1) If a kettle job fails (hangs, db crashes, network goes down) how do we handle this? I think the kettle keeps information in the db repository. But how do we know from which record in the data source we have to start processing from?

    (2) Is it advisable to use database transactions in ETL. For example we only want to read committed data. Or We want to roll back a batch update because of a failure? Please let me know your views


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    (1) for databases that's functionality you have to provide yourself. E.g. by reading the maximum value which was processed and then using that value as lower bound in the input query.

    (2) you will always use database transactions. If you're reading from database I would assume the input has to remain static while you extract data in the ETL (if it isn't you get into all kinds of weird problems e.g. when using Oracle). For the output side the choice is yours.


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