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Thread: feature request: quick and dirty input file mapping

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    Lightbulb feature request: quick and dirty input file mapping

    We deal with a lot of wide delimited text files that we'd like to perform simple transformations on, like cutting specific fields and creating a modified output layout.

    For us, the Spoon "Get Fields" functionality of the text file input dialog is heavy-handed when mapping for simple transformations like this. In these situations we'd like to have the option to tell Spoon to treat every column as character data and ignore the Spoon rules for guessing the correct data type.

    Then if data cannot be loaded due to the width of the field being too wide for the column definition, it would be nice if the GUI would highlight the columns that failed in this way and have a nice way to widen all columns that are too short, e.g., "Increase all columns that are too narrow by 5 chars".

    Essentially, the use case would be to do whatever it takes to load the data with as little fuss as possible. Obviously, this would be less than useful to some types of projects and should be off by default. Perhaps a global option to enable "quick/dirty file mapping". This feature would also be useful for creating quick demos or testing transformation modules.

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    Default Hierarchical File


    I have a problem trying to extract data from a hierarchical file... no delimiter...
    It would be nice having text input loading blocks of lines from the file, and then process every line as wished...
    Any Idea how to do this?

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    Don't hijack threads... and no.

    hierachical data is always more or less problematic for ETL tools including Kettle. For the extreme cases the only solution is to pre-process them outside of ETL.


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    Default Feature requests

    Feature requests are most value in the collection at:


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