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Thread: How to copy entire database from source to target

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    Default How to copy entire database from source to target

    hi guys
    i want to copy my entire database from MSSQL to my mysql server. i just want to keep all of my records in mysql . i dont want to lost table relation .(keep everything in Mysql ,as it is in MSSSQL)

    is it possilbe using Kettle??

    is there any to input a whole database. i see there is input table component by which u copy every table separately, but my point is different.

    plz reply me.


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    You can only migrate data using kettle. Initially, you have to make your DB tables ready in MySQL then you can transfer data from table by table (or a job to do for all tables).
    Check this link.....

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    There are better tools available to copy databases ;-)


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    Default MySQL Migration toolkit

    You can download the above-mentioned migration package from the official MySQL site. I have tested it with lots of different databases and it works!

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