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Thread: error while opening a transformation

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    Default error while opening a transformation

    I am getting following error when iam trying to open a transformation

    Error reading information from file
    An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1f) was found in the element content of the document.

    anybody plz let me what could the prob

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    Usually these types of "binary" (non-ASCII) characters are used by less enlightened people to delimit fields or pages in text-files.
    These text-files are then instantly turning into binary files of-course.

    Anyway, 0x1f is a character you can't use in XML. If you really want to, you need to encode it. We have Base64 encoded a few fields already in the Text File Input step (filters IIRC) for this purpose alone.
    However, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do it all over the place. It wouldn't be XML anymore, would it? :-)

    Obviously, without any other information from your behalf, that's all I can say about it.

    All the best,


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