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Thread: Oracle Issues

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    Question Oracle Issues

    I am not able to connect to our Oracle RAC unless I connect to a specific instance in the cluster.

    After I connect to that instance I cannot import any tables. Using the explorer I can see all of the tables are 'under' a directory called Schema's. The apostrophe in the name causes errors on any subsequent calls.

    I know this is not the GA release yet but wanted to let you know what I am seeing and maybe get some quick help.

    I am using Milestone 3, v1.5.3. It says this in the release notes but upon startup the splash screen and 'about' page say v0.7.1



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    Hi Brit,

    This is not something specific for Pentaho Metadata, it's an issue in the Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration) library we re-use here.

    The easiest thing to do would be to configure the RAC instance using Net8 and then connect to that using OCI. (Net8)
    You might have to peek into the Spoon-2.5.pdf manual on how to do this. Check the Oracle section in the database connections chapter.

    This version of Pentaho Data Integration ships with the Oracle JDBC driver version 10.2.0. It is in general the most stable
    and recent driver we could find. However, if you do have issues with Oracle connectivity or other strange problems, you
    might want to consider replacing the 10.2. JDBC driver to match your database server. Replace files “ojdbc14.jar” and
    “orai18n.jar” in the directory libext/JDBC of your distribution with the files found in the $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc directory on
    your server.
    If you want to use OCI and an Oracle Net8 client, please read on. For OCI to work, the JDBC driver version used in Kettle
    needs to match your Oracle client version. Oracle 2.4.0 shipped with version 10.1, 2.5.0 ships with version 10.2.
    You can either install that version of the Oracle client or (probably easier) change the JDBC driver in PDI if versions don't
    match up. (see above)


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