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Thread: Newbie with some kettle question

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    Default Newbie with some kettle question

    Hi new to kettle, pentaho and all, been struggling for weeks with pentaho and kettle - Sorry I come from a microsoft pc and a Unisys Mainframe background so the whole open source things is new to me and at my age and all Well my name is Alex and I am from South Africa. I am trying to get up to speed with the Pentaho tools and decided to focus my attention on kettle first.

    Now what I would like to do is:
    1. Extract data from MySQL (inner joins)
    2. Create a excel spreadsheet containing the filtered data
    3. Arrange the data so it makes more sense to user

    MYSQL Statement:
    SELECT transactions.period, region.region_type, region.region_name, period.months, SUM(transactions.sale_value) FROM transactions, customer, period, region WHERE transactions.acc_no=customer.acc_no AND customer.region_code=region.region_id AND transactions.period = period.period GROUP BY region.region_type, region.region_name, transactions.period WITH ROLLUP;

    Excel layout must be:
    Description : Period 1 : Period 2 : Period 3 : ... : TOTAL
    Region1 : 120 : 0 : 140 : ... : 260
    Region2 .......................................
    Region type sub totals x: x: x: ....
    Region3 : 150 : 150 : 150 : ... : 450
    Region4 ..........
    Region type 2 sub totals
    etc. So as you can see I want to move data into a matrix with salesvalue per period per region and creating totals per region_group and all.
    Kind Regards
    Alex Hart

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    Where's the question ?


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    I might be wrong, but in my opinion what you need is a report tool, not an ETTL tool like Kettle.
    There seems to be good ones in the open source domain.
    While you're here, I suppose you should take a look at Pentaho reporting (I didn't try this one).
    I've tried BIRT which is complicated to get started with but works quite well.
    Hope it helps.

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