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Thread: Kettle and XML

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    I read on the website that Kettle is a mix of JAVA and XML.
    I will have wanted to know at which time is use XML?




    J’ai vu sur le site internet que Kettle est un mélange de JAVA et de XML.
    J’aurai voulu savoir à quelle moment est utilisé le XML ?



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    Kettle is not about XML at all.

    XML is just one representation of the metadata.
    Another representation is a relational database model called the Kettle repository.
    Yet another representation of the metadata is the GUI system used to enter the metadata. It's a visual representation if you will.
    Any other representation is possible through the use of the Kettle API to set the right properties in the transformations and jobs.
    That means you can use your own metadata to make Kettle run and we have API samples for that.

    And that is exactly the way it should be. XML is an interface, not a programming language ;-)
    What is also very important to note as well is that EVERY metadata element can indeed be set by the GUI, XML, repository and API.
    That means there is 100% coverage in all metadata accesors.

    All the best,


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