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Thread: Error to send a mail with kitchen

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    Default Error to send a mail with kitchen


    Actually, i'm using Kettle 2.4.

    I use kitchen on Linux's station.
    When I send a mail via kitchen's job, i have this error :
    Problem while sending message : javax.mail.Messagingexception : 501 Syntax : HELO hostname.

    But if i execute this job on windows's station, the mail is correctely send.

    Can you help me please ?

    Sorry about my bad english.


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    Default Same Problem


    i have the same Problem.
    Please help somebody...


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    TAmos en las MISMAS
    CAN YOU HELP ME?????????????????????????

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    Default Can you help me??????

    Como solucionar problema de mail 501 javax.mail

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    Default Solution


    To resolve your problem you have to put your hostname machine in your /etc/hosts or in your DNS server.

    So that you are able to ping your hostname.

    Else, when you send an email, your server send a empty hostname to the email server and the ehlo return failed.

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