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    Hi All,

    I am new to this tool . I have created cube which is saved into the folder.

    please let me know how can i view the data like drill up & Drill down using the cube in the folder.


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    Hello Tulasi,

    Thanks for having a look at the schema design seed projects. The answer to your question depends on whether you are testing the Pentaho Cube Designer or the Mondrian Schema Workbench.

    1) If using the Pentaho Cube Designer (wizard interface), the final step allows you to publish the schema to the Pentaho platform. This publish feature will also publish a sample JPivot analysis view that will allow you to interact with the cube (drill, pivot, etc.). Note that this sample JPivot view is also what is used by the Preview feature of the cube designer

    2) If you are using the Mondrian Schema Workbench:
    A. Save the Mondrian Schema file somewhere in your solutions repository where your Pentaho Server is installed (i.e. C:\pentaho-demo\pentaho-solutions\samples\analysis).
    B. Create a Pentaho Analysis View (.xaction) in the same directory as the schema file.
    C. Create a .properties file for displaying the Analysis View in the PCI

    I've attached a sample .xaction and .properties file for you to use as an example. Otherwise, you could build a simple cube using the Cube Designer, publish it to the PCI and look at how the files get generated.

    In the long run, the 1.0 'GA' release of a schema design tool would provide a publish option for publishing the schema to a Pentaho Server.
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