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Thread: The order of the fields

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    Default The order of the fields


    I have to process very often the files sent by our clients, and I am trying to use Kettle to automate the process. Our clients send us text files containing 30 to 40 fields in average. Not always they came in the same order, but the field names are always the same, and some times they send us some fields we don't need at all.
    I created a transformation that processes the fields, using “text input file”, Modified JavaScript Value and lookup.
    My problem is: every time I receive the files from the client I have to modify the transformation – the order of the fields in the “text input file”
    How do I create a transformation that gives me the same result no matter the order of the fields in the input files?
    I played with the settings of “text input file”, but everything seems to depend on the order of the fields.
    Is this something that can be done through settings or I have to use scripting?

    Thank you so much,

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    You have to use scripting... personally I would tell them to always use the same format.


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