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Thread: Jasper-Report with MDX-Connection

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    Default Jasper-Report with MDX-Connection


    I have jasperreports-1.2.8.jar, mondrian 2.2.2 and pentaho-1.2.RC1.jar.

    I have build a JasperReport working with a MDX Query as data source. This works fine when executing the report with iReport and a configured Mondrian Connection.

    Now I want to include this report in pentaho. But I have no idea how and could not find any example.

    I looked in the sources of the JasperReportsComponent and found nothing to configure it directly. Maybe this is missing yet?

    Any possibility to give the MONDRIAN_CONNECTION maybe as report parameter directly?

    Or is that on the agenda to implement? The code to create a mondrian connection is already in pentaho, so maybe it would not be a too big task... But I am a newbie in the pentaho sources :-/

    Thanks a lot

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    Default No ideas?

    I investigated today and it seems, that this issue is still not solved. Are there any ideas to it? Or does the pentaho team has some jira to add a bug or something like this?


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