I recently downloaded and Installed Cubedesigner on both Windows XP and (Ubuntu Feisty Fawn) Linux

On windows I encountered 1 issue:
- creating a datasource with a space in the JNDI name succeeds. Datasource is stored on file but does not show up in the gui after closing and restarting the cube designer

On linux, I found two issues:
- last step of the wizard, "View XML" -> does not work. Cursor changes to indicate waiting, but a window never opens. Could not locate log file to research this issue
- last step of the wizard, Save XML file -> does not work. Files are never written, and no error message appears. Unlikely to be a permission problem (occurs when starting with sudo ./CubeDesigner
- adding a new datasource: the dialog should stay on top of the wizard. when changing windows or desktop, the dialog to create a new datasource can fall beneath the much bigger wizard window, initially it appears as if the wizard hangs whereas it is only blocking because the data source dialog needs input.

I did not encounter these issues on windows.
kind regards,