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Thread: Next Steps for Dashboard Designer Incubation Project

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    Default Next Steps for Dashboard Designer Incubation Project


    My name is Jake and I wanted to quickly introduce myself to those of you who have expressed an interested in participating in our Dashboard Designer incubation project. I am the Product Manager with Pentaho for this project and will be working with each of you to move the project from conception, through implementation, through release. I want to thank all of those who have expressed interest in participating so far and I look forward to working with you.

    Over the next couple of weeks, Doug Moran (VP Community) and I will be following up with each of you to establish our working group for the conception phase. The primary goals of the conception phase are to brainstorm on and establish a draft of requirements, identify use cases related to those requirements, and formulate the criteria for building the initial prototype/seed code implementation.

    You can begin contributing to the project today by reviewing the information on Dashboard Designer Incubation Home found here:

    On this site you will find a rough draft of requirements, latest status and even some screenshots and a screencast of an early prototype we developed to prove out some basic functionality. Right now, gathering feedback on and having an open discussion about requirements is the most critical task. Feel free to add your own comments to the proposal, or begin a new discussion thread about specific topics in this forum. I will help transition agreed upon requirements back into the proposal as we work towards ratification.

    Thanks again for your interest in Dashboard Designer!

    Jake Cornelius
    Product Manager, Pentaho

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    dmoran Guest

    Default So... Does anybody have any comments?

    Let's get the discussion going. We are looking for feedback from the group. Do the requirements meet your needs? Anything missing? What are your use-cases, environment, etc?


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    Default Screencast looks good !

    I have a look at the screencast, it is really impressive and the integration of the requestor is also fine. Does it use the CWM component?
    For me you are in right way, it seems really easy to use and full web ...
    I read deeper your specs and give you a return about the doc.
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    Smile Business User Perspective

    I looked at the demo and it was impressive. However, as a non-techie I would like to raise Pentaho's awareness to make any interface non-techie/user friendly. I am trying to work with limited IT resources to implement a reporting/BI solution for my company and am really struggling with the currrent suite of Penataho products (report designer etc). They seem to be powerful tools, but you have to be a real techie to get them to do just the basic things that can be done fairly easy in MS Access or Excel (highlight cells or rows based on certain criteria).

    I am trying to build a test dashboard and it is a real struggle. Anything you can do to keep the non-techie user in mind would be greatly appreciated.

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    I missed this thread, but I'm interested in following this.

    I've seen that docs and I even put some remarks in another thread. Just to put it ontopic, here's the quote:

    Ingo, I've read the wiki page and I'm eager to test that in practice.

    Not having to build jsp pages, declare them in web.xml, not having to compile source code and restart the server sound very appealing.

    Also, if we abstract to the developer the inner (and obscure) details of ajax it would be great.


    now my 2 cents: I'm a bit afraid of writing this since all my experience with dashboards resumes to one demo where I've picked home.jsp, but no harm done trying

    On the simplest cases (and since I like to keep things simple this would mean >80% of the cases), my vision of a dashboard is just an array of contents (Rows x Columns) with parameters passed between them;

    Taken that, I think it would be *very* simple (and awesome) to extend that framework with a higher layer that generated template.html. I would imagine this kind of inputs in a Dashboard Generator:

    - Title/description/author
    - Number of rows
    - Number of columns
    - The xaction to invoke on each "cell"
    - A way to define what parameters each cell "exports" to the other cells

    Templating could be made by css or by a header/footer html snippet.

    .... or maybe this is all nonsense
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by datamonkey View Post
    Anything you can do to keep the non-techie user in mind would be greatly appreciated.
    I second that my java sucks although I am keen to learn, but from an ease of use pov, I'd like something relatively painless.

    Cheers guys


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    Default My Comments on the requirements

    here are my comments on the requirements:

    1. Templates Library
    The template library should be extendable to add customized templates.

    2. New Dashboard Process
    I'm wondering how and where would a dashboard be saved? (What type of files etc.? Like I stated in a different thread, I think a dashboard should also result in an action sequence and be saved in the solution repository.)
    Changes to template based dashboards should decouple the dashboard from the template. Alternatively you could save the template, deciding to overwrite or create a new template?

    6. Dashboard Widget Properties
    Hide Border Property - I agree with this property
    I propose an additional Content Widget to define OLAP queries and display results as cross tables since those are not supported in WAQR or the reporting engine

    8. Briefing Books
    Second alternative(briefing book file with pointers). With option of sending parameters to dahboards, e.g. same dashboard per country, city etc. in one briefing book

    9. Dashboard-to-Dasboard Linking
    The target dashboard should deal with parameters, just like action sequences do already.
    Simple Interface:
    Select Dashboard from Solution Rep (if they are available from there, which they would be if they are saved as action sequences.)
    Parameters are exposed and mapped to dimension/widgets/POV

    11. Information Panel
    How about a combined POV-control/information panel, but it must be able to be opened and closed/hidden.
    Differentiate between common(dashboard wide) and widget parameters?

    Best regards,

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    What about a portal based interface for making dashboard portlets from xactions, the portlets could then be confined using the (e.g.) JBoss Portal admin infrastructure? Surely this would make mashups easier?

    ps. Where can I find out where we are up to with the PDD project? The task list seems a bit quiet. Is this project still active?

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    Smile dashboard designer project update

    Hi there,

    I would like to know how the dashboard designer (builder) project is progressing. What URL do I visit for updated new on progress. I've been to but its old. Looking forward to a reply.

    Kind Regards

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