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    Arrow Please Read - FAQ

    This forum is for collaboration on testing the Pentaho BI Platform 1.6 release.
    Please limit the discussion to testing, bug reporting, bug fixing and issues related to this release. Questions not directly related to testing 1.6 should be posted to the BI Platform forum or Metadata forum.

    Please see the BI Server 1.6 Community Testing Home Page for resources.

    About the BI Server 1.6 testing - The 1.6 version of the BI Server is nearing feature complete and many of these new features are ready to test. This forum is the place to coordinate testing and consolidate feedback. It will be available from Milestone 4 through General Availability.

    As always, community involvement is the most important part of producing a high quality product. For this release, we are making more resources available to the community and coordinating the community's effort. This forum is one of those resources. We are opening up write access to JIRA, our case tracking system, for people to enter and close bug reports. We have a new QA person, Rob, who will be dedicated to working with you throughout this process. We have a great number of community members that have have responded that they want to be involved.

    One last word... This is new, we are making it up as we go along and I don't expect it will always be smooth. Please provide any feedback on how we can make you more efficient in this process.

    Who can provide feedback? - Anyone can post bugs relating to the 1.6 BI Server to the forum. Since we are still at Milestone 4, there are a good number of knows issues and the platform is not yet stable. This phase of testing is best suited for users already using Pentaho. When we get to testing after Feature Complete and Release Candidate, new users are welcome.

    What is the sign up all about? - We have many people who have signed up to be part of the testing. We encourage you to sign up too. The benefit is that we can collect information about the configurations that have been tested - platforms, databases, app servers etc. We can also assign test cases to different people or groups to ensure good test coverage.

    What do I test? - Each week there will be a forum post titled "Testing goals for the week of X/XX". It will have a summary of what features to concentrate on for that week. After you have run through the test cases, please reply to that thread with your testing configuration and results. Please add comments about usability and documentation (feel free to "correct" the wiki doc ) - For example:
    Status: Successful
    Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.7
    Java: JRE 1.5.0_06
    Database: MySQL 5.1
    Browser: Firefox
    Note: The documentation for database configuration was confusing....
    Can I do more? - As always, the more bugs we find earlier the better. Feel free to test any other part of the platform. If you think you found a bug, please check that it is not already logged in JIRA.

    Why is the version we are testing 1.5.x and not 1.6? - When the server is ready for General Availability, the version will change to 1.6.0.
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