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Thread: Pentaho Initialization

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    Default Pentaho Initialization


    To initialize Pentaho, one needs to specify a path solutionRoot where Pentaho can find hte pentaho.xml file. Is there is a solution to not have to set this but rather have Pentaho look for it in the classpath of the application.

    It is not convenient to have to set hard coded environment variables of this nature in production systems.

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    Default PENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH is optional

    There is not a mechanism to configure the Pentaho platform to look at the classpath to determine the location of the system configuration file (usually pentaho.xml).

    However there are 2 mechanisms for configuring the platform to look for the system configuration file in a location that is different than the defaul. See this wiki article for details.


    NOTE: if the default path to the system configuration file is sufficient, the developer/integrator does not need to anything to get the default behavior.
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