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Thread: Text box filter ?

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    Question Text box filter ?


    I've just started work on a Pentaho Portal Reporting application and i have a simple question ... Is there a text box type for the FilterComponent ? I need to get a string to apply a LIKE criteria in a SQL statement...

    Also, with so many users it's hard to believe nobody has anything to share.. components, portlets, tips, etc .. is there a place for user contributions I'm not aware of ?



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    Thumbs up Added "text" type to FilterDefinition

    Well, I've added the text type to the Pentaho source code and built the pentaho-ui JAR.

    If you could include this in the next release it might be helpful to somebody else. I just added:

    } else if ("text".equalsIgnoreCase(typeStr)) {
                type = XForm.TYPE_TEXT;

    to the method fromXml of the FilterDefinition class.

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    Thumbs up FilterDefinition isValid

    Well, just one more thing I was missing since the method isValid is ran before anything happens in order to check that the value submitted by the form is one of the options.. in this case there are no values to choose from so I just added an
    if(type==XForm.TYPE_TEXT){ return true; }
    and it is working like a charm

    Also, I'm using JRE 1.5 and it works

    I'm working on a Spring Portlet MVC based portlet that will allow me to store filter values in the DB for reuse... I'll keep posting my results and questions here since I think these might help someone else....

    If anyone has pointers regarding the JPivot Portlet and the SSO please tell me about it

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