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Thread: My own Xaction only email w/o attachment

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    Default My own Xaction only email w/o attachment

    Hi Guys,

    yet another small issue.

    Clearly I'm making a mistake somewhere but i've created an Xaction to email my report, I copied the basic idea from the bursting one but left out most of the fancy bits

    In mine I've got an

    and Email component

    I've tried all sorts but can't get the email part working, if I remove my report output from outputs it throws a wobbly telling me that 'invalid output paramter "report" requested....."
    and if I add the report as an attachment it displays it on screen but also wont send it

    13:43:46,607 ERROR [RuntimeContext] 35e19671-2575-11dc-85b5-c5369f469635:RUNTIME:context-2946038-1183034625965:reportingJFreeReport-WizardReport.xaction RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for EmailComponent did not execute successfully
    (Null pointer exception)

    I really don't get where I'm messing up. I dragged and dropped the report from the the component onto the attachment box, gave it a name and tried to run it with no joy

    Cheers in advance

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