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Thread: I need to understand how to start from scratch creating my own solution.

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    Default I need to understand how to start from scratch creating my own solution.

    Hi All

    I need assistance in understanding what the starting point is in creating a custom solution from scratch.

    Just to clarify, I have already communicated my intention of signing on as a partner with Pentaho. I also understand that there are training courses that will help me here. But my dilema is that I am halfway across the world from the training venues, and I don't have a customer yet, so these solutions are not feasable at this very moment.

    I have downloaded the PCI and awed at its output, but it's not something I can take to a potential customer.

    I need to understand how I can delete the PCI data, create a new database, and convert/use data from an existing source, or create a new source for data.

    I understand these are big asks, but perhaps if someone could list a high level step-by-step approach to this, perhaps withj pointers to each step, then it would be a perfect start to my journey.

    Thank you.

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    Default I'm starting this race alone

    OK. I've been frantically searching and found pockets of information that I'm going to piece together that will hopefully made it into the WIKI at some stage.

    EDIT: I should explain that I have resorted to constantly editing this post to update information as I have been receiving it. So the content of this post may be constantly changing.

    Here a (working) list of steps that should be taken to move from the PCI (or a blank installation for that matter) to a simple solution where a portal with reports, dashboards etc can be presented to your manager/client/spouse.

    - Downloaded and installed Java SDK (Note not JRE)
    - Downloaded and installed eclipse
    - Downloaded and installed Kettle ETL tool (to extrcat, transform and Laod data)
    - Downloaded and installed action sequence plugin (to create actions to display data?)
    - More : ????
    Some info about the PCI

    Step 1: Install the PCI
    I think most people here have done this already.

    Step 2; Set up your own database
    - To expand here, I need to connect to a mysql database. so the file mysql-connector-javx-xxxx.ja must be place in the jboss\server\default\lib\ directory.

    Step 3: Extract, Transform and Load the Data into the BI repository
    - We are speaking here about using tools like KETTLE
    There seems to be some discussion at this point about whether or not to create a data wharehouse here or not.
    Kettle user manual is included with download. Provides instructions on setting up.

    Step 4: ????????

    I ask that the more experienced amongst us please chip in to add or correct whereever possible;
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    well, I can say to you're not alone on that race. I have exactly the same problems and I want to achieve the same goal. I can't give you direct answers, but you can IM me (details on profile) and we can help each other on this.

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    Just bumping this thread to alert you about the numerous changes I have made to the second post.

    Still anxiously awaiting other's inputs.

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    wgorman Guest


    If you are running a file based repository, simply removing the .xaction files, etc from your pentaho-solutions directory will remove the examples. you can then create your own action sequences by using the Pentaho Design Studio and the Pentaho Report Designer.

    Hope that helps!


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    I was running the example in the link you gave me from nicholasgoodman, and I found out that the code he gave does not work in the latest pentaho (1.6). In case you want to test, where's the code that works:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <query-result type="result-set"/>
                <action-type>SQL Query</action-type>
                    <query-result type="result-set" mapping="query-result"/>
                    <query><![CDATA[select id,name from adm_entity]]></query>

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    pmalves has posted this lovely tutorial that I wanted to link to

    HOWTO: My (very big) pentaho install and setup tutorial

    Thanks again, pmalves

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    Hi Everyone,

    I gone through the documentation and installed Pentaho Design Studio and Pentaho Demo.The example application are running fine.

    Now my problem is that I want to write my custom solution. I am in a dilema that I want to use the Struts framework to develop the my application,how to add Pentaho framework to struts framework (is that possible?) if not how to create a new solution in Pentaho.

    I gone through the sample solutions, For example for take get-started solution,EmailComponant example ,
    1, who is sending the email ?(some java file will do that using java mail api,how it finds which class it should execute and which method it should call).
    2,If I add new functionality i.e new java file which displays the number of days between the two different dates.Can anybody tell me what are the steps involved in doing that.

    I feel I am not alone in using this Open Business Intelligence
    Thanks for every one who responded


    Vamsi krishna

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