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Thread: Palo Plugin - Developer wanted

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    Default Palo Plugin - Developer wanted

    I am looking for someone willing to develop a Kettle-Plugin for the Open-Source MOLAP Database Palo ( Jedox would be the project sponsor. Please contact me at kristian.raue at

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    Hi kristian,

    There is a plugin developped by 3A statrégie (german company)

    They did a great job (i use the plugin) but it's for PDI 2.3



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    Hi Samatar,

    that so called 3A "plugin" is not a plugin and is illegal as closed source. (violates the LGPL license)

    I offered to help 3A strategies to help develop the plugin so I'm offering my help again in the hope that this mess gets cleared up.
    (in a month or so when I have more time :-))


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    Hi Matt,

    we see the problems with the 3A approach and we would like to turn that into a real and highly sophisticated Plugin. Either from scratch or based on the existing work. We have the funds to finance that, but we are still looking for a qualified resource to do the development work, ideally someone with a Kettle background. Anyone you (or somebody else in the forum) could think of that is available on short notice?


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    Hi Matt,

    You are right.
    Thanks for clarifications.

    Hope some day, we have a nice Palo Plugin.



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    Default Simple Palo Plugin using JAVA API for PDI 3.0 and Palo Server 2

    I have writing a simple plugin using Java API provided by tensegrity.

    This plugin allows creating Palo's databases, dimensions, cubes, consolidations and insertions.

    A userguide, an example ( using Pentaho's sample data ), sources and plugin are in the zip file .

    (ErrorHandling have a problem ... no rows are put in errorsrow)

    Only tested on Linux + Kettle 3RC2 + Palo2.0 server ...
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    Thank you Nichalas,

    We are actually busy developing a set of plugins for PALO in cooperation with Tensegrity.
    There will be 4 plugins to read/write from cubes and dimensions.

    I think what is probably the best in this situation is that we take the best of both worlds.
    What license are you posting this source code under?

    All the best!


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    This plugin is also under GPL .

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    Default Pdi 3.0 & Palo

    I can't connect to PALO server with PDI 3.0 / Windows.
    I have the message : PDI a rencontré une erreur lors du test de connexion (PDI fails to connect during the test connection)

    I have the following configuration :
    - Database provider : Palo MOLAP Server
    - Access method : Plugin specific
    - Host : localhost
    - Port : 7777
    - Username : admin
    - Password : ****
    Theses informations are ok when I connect to Palo server with Palo Client (from Tensegrity Software)

    Somebody have an idea ? You can send emails to bruno at

    Thanks for your help
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