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Thread: Functional related doubts

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    Default Functional related doubts

    What kinds of data capture mechanisms (for e.g. change data capture, event-based, scheduled, rule based) are supported?

    Can the tool read and process multiple (heterogeneous) extracts at the same time(like from SQL server and SAP)?

    Can the tool support both batch and sequential processing of records?Can the tool match and consolidate file records?Does the tool allow execution of a set of OS commands in a batch? If yes, list all the OS commands it can execute.Can the tool handle very large files? Does the tool provide workarounds to overcome file size limitations?Does the tool have the ability to archive source data or files?

    Can the tool verify record and field contents against external reference data? Please elaborate on this.

    Can the tool parse and standardize records and fields to a common format?

    Does the tool automatically generate rules to build mappings that detect and fix any data defects?Does the product support any 3rd party data profiling or cleansing tools?

    Does the tool have the ability to handle changing dimensions? If yes, what are the different solutions the tool provide to handle slowly changing dimension?

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    Please let us know first for what company you're making the proposal. :-)
    Looks like you're harassing this forum because you don't want to do your homework.

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    Default The reason is..(Hi MattCasters)

    Hi MattCasters,

    First of all let me apologize for the cause done by me if you think that i am harssing u..

    FYI, I am not making any propposal to any company.. even its not my intension also. As i already worked on Informatica, I thought of it would be better if I comapre the features of Pentaho with Informatica..(which I know already) for assessing which one is more powerfull.

    I am doing my home work.. As of now I have explored the basic parts like: How spoon, pan, kitchen works? As I am quite new to Pentaho data integration tool, I thought of getting some help from the forum.

    If u can help me out..I will be thankfull to u..
    If not I will try to explore but it may take more time..
    Any how if u think that I am harassing the people in your forum I will unsubscribe myself and I will not post any queries ...

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