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    Default Pentaho logs


    Which log level could I set (and where ? which parameter in which file) to get the less report possible ?

    At the step I am, I don't need trace details anymore ... so I would like to turn it off (or the minimum) ... I think it could also increase performance

    Thanks for any help or advice

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    in the /pentaho/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml

    you need to set everything that is set to debug to ERROR or what you would like to have

    and in /pentaho-solution/system/pentaho.xml

    you will need to replace some occurance of DEBUG to ERROR

    that's all i'm aware of, maybe someone else will add more info if there are any

    good luck
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    wgorman Guest


    The PCI also has a log4j xml file in the jboss/server/default/conf directory. This file manages the logging for mondrian, jfree, and other third party libraries.

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    Ok, thanks to both ... this helps me ... and I will set level to ERROR instead of DEBUG

    Best Regards

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