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Thread: Cannot use a variable in JNDI

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    Default Cannot use a variable in JNDI

    I am using Kettle 2.5 both Jobs and Transforms. I am using Spoon to create my transforms and have created application server based code to run the transform. My problem right now is with Spoon.

    I would like to put a variable in the JNDI Connection settings to that I can make it easier to move a Job and Transforms between production, test, development and customer site.

    I have been able to use a variable in a JDBC Connection setting. For instance-
    Set the connection name, type (Oracle), access (Native), host name (localhost), database name ${testing}, port number (1521), user name and password. For testing sake, I just set the variable with Edit -> Set Variables.

    I can Test the connection, Preview a table input and Run the Transform and everything is happy.

    If I change the Connection settings to JNDI. Set the connection name, type (Oracle), access (JNDI), database name ${testing}. Change the value of the variable in Edit -> Set Variables (have tried the simple-jndi setting and the real full blown JNDI setting). Nothing works.
    Invalid JNDI connection${testing}: DatasourceHelper.ERROR_0001 - Invalid DataSource Name: ${testing}

    Looks to me like the variable is not being evaluated at all. Am I doing something wrong?

    I would prefer to use the JNDI settings since my code is living on an application server and I have it around. I don't want to hard code it since I want to be able to move between Spoon and my application server and then the other environments the transform will eventually move to.



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    For the moment JNDI is not variable-sensitive, an oversight. Please raise a bug tracker... as soon as the site comes up again.


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