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Thread: Limit number of job instances at a given time

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    Question Limit number of job instances at a given time

    Hi all,

    I want to limit the execution of my job to one instance at a time. Because I am using intermediate files and when the same job is executed through a shell script, I find that sometimes second execution overtakes the first execution and thereby corrupting the intermediate files.

    So I want to know a possible way of limiting the exection of that job to one exection or instance at a time. Plz let me know the available solutions for my problem.


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    Use jobs and work with trigger files.

    Upfront make an "all clear" file manually, just an empty file.

    - Let your job wait for the all clear file before starting (wait for file job entry)
               - if it's there 
                       Remove the "all clear" file
                       run the transformation
                       create the "all clear" file
               - Else just exit
    Only cleanup you have is when something happens with the transformation and it stops during processing e.g.


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