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Thread: Two questions with XML Output

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    Default Two questions with XML Output

    Any help on these would be very welcome!

    I am taking data from Excel:

    1323 Mr MALE
    1325 Ms FEMALE

    And output something like:

    <title code="1323" gender="MALE">Mr</title>
    <title code="1325" gender="FEMALE">Ms</title>

    I can almost get there with "Add XML", except that I have not figured out how to get it to output:
    <title ...>VALUE</title>

    It always wants to do something like:
    <title ...><title>VALUE</title></title>

    QUESTION 1: How do I take the text value from a non-attribute field and apply to an element: <elem [ATTRIBS]>VALUE</elem>?

    Trying to solve the above, I tried using an "XML Output":

    I got:

    Which is further away from what I want.

    QUESTION 2: How can set fields to be attributes for an XML Output? I tried prefixing the field name with @ but it took it as a lieral.

    I know there are two questions, but it is really one problem with two different attempts to solve.

    BTW Kettle is REALLY impressive, I've done some pretty complex integrations in some cases only two steps.
    Thanks in advance,
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    look at the example in

    \samples\transformations\XML Add - creating multi level XML files.ktr

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