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Thread: reg. Cube Designer where clause

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    Default reg. Cube Designer where clause


    I use the where clause in the Cube designer, to selectively filter the data. But
    when running the Preview, it doesn't filter it.
    Also, the XML Schema doesn't show that there was a filter condition to one of the columns.

    Please let me know what am i doing wrong?


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    Hello Pranav,

    We have embedded a generic SQL Query Builder interface into the wizard for specifying your tables, joins and selections that you will later use to construct the measures and dimensions. We have not 'disabled' some of the extra features in the query builder like specifying filters and order that are not needed for building your cube.

    The where clause is not actually stored or used in the Mondrian Schema definition.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    So that means I can't use filter or ordering clause while creating .
    The cube designer will just build the schema without any filter or ordering. Can you confirm?

    So here is my second question, how can i filter the cube data then. Do i need to use MDX query for filtering the cube data. The purpose is i have the cube schema and I want 10 users to see them what they are eligible to see. Like by country code - User1 (only US COUNTRY DATA), User 2( only FRANCE COUNTRY DATA), and so on...


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    You are correct, the filter and order specifications are not reflected in your schema definition. You can handle member order using the OrdinalColumn property on a level definition in your Mondrian Scema. For more details, refer to the documentation found here:

    You can add Access Control definitions within your schema to handle scenarios as you describe in the second part of your post, refer to the section on MemberGrant found here:


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    Default jtcornelius - CD - problems with WHERE/ORDER BY


    Not being able to identify a problem I am having (see thread 173697) concerning WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and ORDER BY conditions when building queries in CD (and CD 0.7.0 for that matter), I saw your reply to thread 165185 whereby you state:

    "... We have not 'disabled' some of the extra features in the query builder like specifying filters and order that are not needed for building your cube..."

    If I want a cube on partial contents of a large fact table -besides creating a specific-smaller fact table- what would be the best was to build a smaller query to use as a Cube, without using WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING conditions?

    Thanks & regards, DMurray3

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