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Thread: Problems with txt input file

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    Smile Problems with txt input file

    I´m doing some tests with Kettle (a prove of concept), and I got into trouble on the "easiest" part: text input file txt configuration.

    The objective of this job is to read a parameter table (that contains some "where" clauses as well as database conection information.

    I have followed the logic of the all tables, and I got a loop where I got lots of txt files generated (all on the same format).

    Now I need to load all this files on a table.

    I am trying to use an input file to load my final table, but I am not being able to get it done (I cant make the wildcard work on Windows XP).

    I have atached the JPG of this input file configuration.

    If you find any use on this (as this job is almost a copy of the "copy all tables example"), I can also upload all the jobs and transformations.

    Thks in advance ,

    Reinaldo A Vasconcellos

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    I also tryed the Get File Name and set File name and could see the variables on a Display Box, but could not make it works on the Txt Input File.

    Bellow is my system config:

    Kettle - Spoon: 2.5
    OS: Windows XP Profession, SP 2

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    Try .* as wildcard... the wildcards are regular expressions.


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    Thks for the replay Sven.

    I tryed the wildcard as you instructed me and it worked fine.

    Thks a lot,

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