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Thread: Kettle Newbie

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    I am new to datawarehousing.I am planning to use Kettle.
    I have some doubts.
    Actually I am trying to build a warehouse using text files.I will receive data in text files every day.Using those files I need to build a warehouse on MySQL.
    Do we need to first load data into MySQL and tghen create dimensons and Facts.How can we create dimensions and facts?
    Anybody please help me.


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    Best advice for you... rush to the store, buy "The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit" by Ralph Kimball... the latest edition. And read it.

    On how to proceed... personally I would first load all files to staging tables so that you already have a first sanity check.

    Also look in the Kettle documentation look for the document "Building datawarehouses using open source technologies" ... it may give you a little more feeling with it.


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