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Thread: Javascript API & Other stuff

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    Default Javascript API & Other stuff

    Sorry for the hodge-podge of questions, but they are all sort of related:

    1. Is it possible to "replace" the value of a field in the row using the calculator or other standard steps, excluding the javascript ones? Perhaps this could be a new feature- in the Calculator have add a "Replace" option, similiar to the Remove one, that would replace the existing data in the row with that calculation. As it is, I am winding up with multiple variables representing the data at various points, then having to delete the bad ones through a select values step.

    2. I wish to write a Javascript (either style) step that goes through the list of columns in the row, and removes all columns that are in all caps. All I can seem to access is the column by name though. Is there any way to access say a hash of the row? Pseuducode:

    foreach ( col_name in array_keys(row) ) {
    if ( col_name = upper(col_name) )

    3. Is there any documentation on the Javascript API? The PDI specific parts at least (not just a generic Javascript document).

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    1. no
    2. no... in v3.0 the data is even just an Object array
    3. There's a little piece in the user manual, some examples in the samples directory.


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