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Thread: couldn´t parse field Error..!!!

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    Question couldn´t parse field Error..!!!

    Hi guys...

    I´ve been around kettle for a couple of weeks and during my tests all I have achieved its to write to a text file from one of my dbms, now when trying to do simple migration between two tables from Informix to Oracle I´ve received some error messages that really don´understand, I must add that I have already verified the transformation and no errors are returned, among all the messages these are the ones that ares my main interest

    2007/07/20 09:45:05 - compromisos.0 - ERROR (version 2.5.0, build 25002 from 2007/05/04 00:20:04) : Unexpected error : be.ibridge.kettle.core.exception.KettleException:

    I´va notice that this message follows every transformation I execute, even thiese ane succeed..!!!

    and this one too.

    2007/07/20 09:45:05 - compromisos.0 - ERROR (version 2.5.0, build 25002 from 2007/05/04 00:20:04) : Couldn't parse field [monto_descom] with value [00000000000000.00], format [null] ldaf=[yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.SSS]

    this message is the reason why I wrote this post and ask for your kind help. I must add that I've verified all the fields and that all of them match in type. Of course more messages follow this one and the transformation seem to work by no data is transfered to the target connection.

    Il hope this is enough for you guys but if anyone is interested in the complete log I´m attaching it with the post.

    thanks in advance
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    First try replacing the informix jar file in libext directory of kettle with the one you got with your informix installation. And try again... the second message looks like you want to convert a date or so using wrong contents.


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    hi thz

    yes indeed, that´s what I get from the message, and the reason why a posted, because as I mentioned there is a exact match between the fields in both tables, including the data type, so I got confused with the message, and there is no transformation in the middle, just a table input and table output.

    any other idea...!!

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    Hi Sboden

    I did replace the jar file from informix in the libext/JDBC folder in the kettle instalation, and most of the errors messages now disappeared..


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    We are having the same problem BUT we are running MYSQL on Debian. Any ideas?


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    Make sure you are running a solid JRE like the one from Sun. By default most Linux distros out there install GCJ and there are always small problems with that open source version. Fortunately, this situation will improve rapidly now that Java7 became open source.


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