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Thread: Pentaho is discouraging our interest and involvement

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    Default Pentaho is discouraging our interest and involvement

    I have been working on Pentaho since January .. and I have to say that at this moment I am tired and discouraged ...
    I tried each build since January and none of them seems to be stable ...
    In addition to this, I send an email to ask for a Pentaho subscription and got no answer to my request !
    Each version comes with regressions ... for example, in 1.5.2, you can save a pivot view (as a subscription) and it worked fine; I recently download 1.5.5-747 (supposed to be an official build) and I can just note that you can not save Pivot views anymore; this is due to an error in Pivot.jsp; a field is named save-path instead of save-title ...

    Units tests are not completed before making build available ??????

    I am also curious to know who (in this forum) had deployed Pentaho in a production environment ?

    I read something funny about open source in BI in a french website; it is said : Open Source in BI are like beautiful cars ... everybody dreams about it but it stays at a dream and virtual state !

    Sorry for this post ... but I am really fed up of trying solve or fix lot and lot of unexpected bugs and not having response for problems I face !

    For example, I searched in the whole site hardware and configuration recommended for Pentaho (and performance purpose) ... nothing !

    Best regards
    Odyssee, from a LOGICA CMG company

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    I have implemented Pentaho in a number of different production environments for several different customers.

    Of course I don't use development releases for production implementations. I use the GA versions (1.2.*GA) because they are more stable, have gone through testing and validation and are ready for use in production (this is what GA means).

    In terms of hardware, this is driven by individual client requirements, though I encourage clients to have at least 2GB of RAM and pretty serious cpu(s). Performance will be driven by the query types you write, the number of users, what components of the platform you are using etc.

    Please be aware that this is "open source" software which means that a lot of the community is balancing the needs of running a business and working to help the product development process.

    So rather then complaining, you should report the bugs you find in the appropriate forums (or JIRA), submit fixes to the development community or use versions that are ready for use if you are not willing or able to participate in the community.

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    Default me too

    I feel frustated as you on using Pentaho BI. Pentaho seems to be more a project on a development state than, as it is publicized, an effective, productive and stable BI platform.
    After an agony on trying to avoig bugs and make the most trivial features work i passed to SpagoBI, by far more stable and user friendly. Meanwhile I hope that Pentaho will grow and become more easy to use.

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    really ? there is a specific forum for bugs ???? where is it ? i can fill it with dozen and dozen bugs !!!!

    Thanks for your explanation on GA ... I am interested in Security, Subscription and ad'hoc reporting and these functionalities are not covered in 1.2; Am I wrong ?

    I would be pleased to participate (I try to give some help here when it is possible - my english is not very good) but these processes (how to join the communuty, how to get help, ....) are not very clear !!! I just come in this very active forum, more active in questions than responses

    One thing seems to be incredible : it seems that there is as many versions of pentaho as pentaho users !!! each person seems to face a specific problem

    And now, as I got no response from Pentaho team, what can I do to get the pro version ? is this subscription only available for GA versions ? thank in advance for your help


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    This forum is the appropriate one to report bugs in the 1.5 versions...

    It does say "1.6", but 1.5 will be 1.6 when it goes GA.

    In terms of the functions you mention subscriptions, security, and ad hoc reporting, you are correct that they don't exist in the 1.2 version (security and subscriptions are in the 1.2 pro versions).

    There are lots of versions out there and to add to the confusion there are lots of components

    So a quick summary:
    Pentaho suite - Web server for running Pentaho elements.

    Report Designer - a tool to get a report created. It then needs to be published the pentaho server.

    Design Studio - Where you pull together different components of the Pentaho platform. Basically '.xaction' documents control how reports get run on the server. You can do a lot with these, but the first thing you will likely do is to add a "prompt" to the report you designed in the report designer.

    Kettle - Data transformation tool to get data from source systems into a format that is good for testing.

    Mondrian - The OLAP engine. This is embedded in the Pentaho suite so you will probably not need to touch it as a standalone tool.

    In terms of getting the pro version, I will email this thread to the appropriate people internal to Pentaho.

    BizCubed Pty Ltd

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