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Thread: Erasing variable in Javascript

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    Default Erasing variable in Javascript

    I am using the passage of “Copy rows to result”, in which shipment a list of values with which I cause that a tranformación is executed a “N” amount of times.

    My problem is that within the values that shipment are archives that position from Kettle, at the end of my process, this sends a file to me where it indicates the archives to me that position in a listing which I create within a file of excel.

    But the problem is that the email sends not only this report to me but all them file in excel that I loaded this previously must to that it seems that these values are loaded in memory.

    There is form to clean it by means of Javascript or some form to avoid that the mail sends all these archives to me by single mail and only sends my report to me; something as well as a filter?

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    What about executing a dummy transformation and using clear files checkbox on it.


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