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Thread: Data Migration Problem

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    Default Data Migration Problem

    Has anyone any idea how the following problem may be solved.

    I hope the description is clear.
    Thanks in advance
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    Not sure why some extra records in output table come from;
    Also some records don't have the date and time... I can't really follow;
    Where are the Paid Staus and Transform Comment come from?
    and I assume 20 in the item price in your case is "default"?
    Item marked HOURS... are there any possible values?? I see TEST in one record in your balance (input) table.

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    I think this can be a rather straight forward transformation. What my limited experience this is what I would do:
    read from the Booking Table and lookup the Balance Table with ID Number (assuming ID Number is unique key in Balance Table) for the rest of the fields
    dump the records to a newly created output table (Balance Table)

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    Cool Clarification

    Thanks for the interest.

    I will attempt to clarify.

    What I have supplied is part of the documentation for the whole process.

    1. The records where the date and time are missing are records to use up spare balance.i.e. 1001 has three boolkings totaling 6 hours, there are 10 hours paid for, therefore two 2 hour records have to be created, which cannot be scheduled (date & time)

    2. The Transform comment is documentation only

    3. The list price, is a simple look up and I probably would do it based upon the above process producing records with no price in the bookings file, then doing a look up and merge back into the main stream.

    4. records in the booking file that have not been paid for, as identified from the balances file, will be set to 'N'. Down stream processing of these in the target application enforces that payment must be taken at the time the booking is taken.

    5. The Balance file will hold many different transactions, this process relates to the HOURS transaction, other processes may produce similar or different responses. This is the most complex.

    6. I do not think the join method would work as the number of records in bookings and the number of records (denormalised) in Balance as identified by the QTY field will vary either more or less in either file.

    I think the solution is going to be some type of Java code. I previously wrote a quite complex bit of excel VBA to perform a very similar function and operated in a sequential, multi-pass manner with lots of conditional tests and rules for each record processed.

    I hope this helps expain the document contents in more detail.

    I am trying a join solution based upon a denormilised balance table, [breakl QTY into 2 hour chunks] but that is only (partially) working for the case where there is an equal or greater number of bookings to QTY.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading

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