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Thread: Cannot connect to JBOSS with my TestApplication

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    Default Cannot connect to JBOSS with my TestApplication

    Hello Forum,
    this is a Emergency call from Germany. Please excuse my English, I know it could be better.

    I have no experience with Pentaho, and I would like to learn something about about Pentaho.

    So I did two things:

    I installed the preconfigured Pentaho BI-Demo 1.5.5 (July 10) on my Windows 2000 PC. I had to start JBOSS with a Batch File.
    I can see and try out the samples. Every think was ok.

    Now I wanted to see, how to develop my own BI-solutions.
    I installed the "Pentaho Design Studio 1.5.5 (July 10).
    I started Eclipse and loaded the first example with the surprising name "Hello World"

    After that i opened the tab "test" and pushed the button "Test Server". The connection was made, and I saw the same
    samples as in 1.

    Then I pushed the button "run" and now I should see my Hello World page, but this wasn't the case. I got the Error message "The requested resource (/ViewAction) is not available.)

    Looking for the Error:

    After control of the JBoss-Log-File. I saw that there was a problem with a File name "tools.jar" and that I had tp point with JAVA_HOME to the Java-SDK and not to the Java-JRE.
    I changed that (SDK 1.5) but it runs as before.
    (By the way, why does the Pentaho-Demo comes with a JRE and nit with the needed JDK?)

    In the JBoss-Log-File ia another Error-Message:
    "[LocaleUtils] Locale name null or empty, ignoring"
    I thing, this not important.

    Thats all I found. Any Idea, what's going on in my PC?

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    Please attach compressed server/default/log/server.log.

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    Default Server.log for you

    Thanks for your reply.

    In the Attachment, You willl find the "server.log" and the "boot.log".

    In"Server.log" I added 4 markers for your help.

    1. Start JBoss
    2. Press Button "TestServer" on Tab-Page "Test"
    3. Press Button "run" on Tab-Page "Test"
    4. Stop JBoss

    When I did 3. no data were recorded. I get only the error message in the Design-Studio as described in my first letter.

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    Default The old Version works

    Hello Forum,

    I could not solve the problem with Pentaho 1.5.5.

    So I loaded stable release 1.2.0.x, which works fine.


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