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Thread: Kettle + SAP

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    Default Kettle + SAP

    I'm french so, excuse my english

    I need to access a SAP database. With Kettle, i read i need PROSAPCONN, so i used it.
    It works perfectly.

    But when i want to put my transformation on Pentaho, there is an error :
    PDI a rencontré une erreur durant la lecture de la transformation depuis le fichier XML
    Impossible de charger les informations de l'étape depuis la node XML
    Impossible de charger la classe pour l'étape/plugiciel avec l'id [ProSAPCONN].
    Vérifier si le plugiciel est disponible dans le sous-répertoire des plugiciels.
    ProSAPCONN isn't recognize by Pentaho, it doesn't know it. And the error says : verify if the plugiciel is avaible in the plugiciels'subdirectory.

    Where is this subdirectory where i have to put ProSAPCONN???

    Thanks for answers.

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    You'd probably better ask this in the platform forums.


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    I've had success just adding a library to the classpath that you are running the Pentaho BI platform. Whether that is adding it to your container(jboss .sar/tomcat commons), or within the .war/.ear.

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    I added "sapjco.jar" , "ProSAPCONN.jar" and "ProSAPCONN-Kettle.jar" in the "lib" folder of my web application Pentaho.

    It's here you put yours?

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