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Thread: Sugestion on the Java Script Value screen

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    Default Sugestion on the Java Script Value screen

    After completing all the extration I needed (most of the queires where build at execution time using parameters thks to everyone help), now I am doing the next step, and need to do some transformations on strings.

    Is it possible that each columns use it´s own script? Right now I did a big block of javascripts to do everything at a time, but if we are not really attentious the code can look very bad. Is it possible to implement something that opens a script for each column you want to transform other that doing all things together? (sorry, but I am really used to an other ETL tool.. )

    I am asking for this cause my final fact table has lots of columns (over 240) and it has lots of transformations, and my javascript was really big due to that.

    I also would like to know how can I contribute on the development. I am not a JAVA speciallist, but my wife is and we are planning to spend 2 hours dayly trying to improve Pentaho Data integration, cause we really liked it.

    Best Regards,

    Reinaldo A Vasconcellos

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    A script per field may be a bit of overkill... it will consume enormous amounts of memory and would cause some synchronization problems + a big overhead.


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