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Thread: [Get a file using HTTP Step] Bad performance

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    Default [Get a file using HTTP Step] Bad performance


    I'm using the "get a file using HTTP" step to download a file from a server.

    Unfortunately, performances are not good. Indeed, for a 50 Mo file, Kettle needs more than 3h just to download it, without other treatment.

    I would like to know if it exists parameters which could involve this result.

    I actually use the version 2.5.0-M2, build 37 of Kettle.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.



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    There's no reason you should be using M2... use GA. I do remember a bug in http which would make it go slower... but 3 hours for 50MB?
    How long does it take to ftp form that machine using another method?

    But first try the GA version.


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