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Thread: GTK 64bit Problems on OpenSUSE 10.2

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    Default GTK 64bit Problems on OpenSUSE 10.2

    I've installed Kettle 2.4.0 on a new OpenSuSE 10.2 install - 64 bit. (My laptop is 32-bit and runs fine with opensuse 10.2).

    I am getting unsatisfied link errors looking for: swt-pi-gtk-3320 and/or swt-gtk-3320

    I've manually set the classpath in the shell script and still get no result. In the first instance, the shell script did not pick up the ../libswt/linux/x86_64/ directory. I had to add it by hand.

    I've tried extracting he shared objects and putting them in various places: the current directory for swt.jar, or in the $JRE/lib/ext directory or even in the user home directory.

    Nothing seems to work. All suggestions welcome!
    Thanks in advance,
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    Default re: GTK 64bit Problems on OpenSUSE 10.2

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I just checked the Kettle 2.5.0 install and the 64bit swt.jar is 1.8MB in size, whereas the 2.4.0 is 1.6MB and identical in size to the 32bit library, which does not seem right to me.

    I am not at the client machine to test (it is 50km away), so if I am correct that the 2.4.0 release had the wrong jar, please let me know, equally if I am wrong, let me know so I can continue looking for a fix!

    Thanks a lot

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    The libraries have been upgraded for sure, because of some problems that were fixed in GTK. But don't know whether replacing the jars will solve your problem.


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    Default re: GTK 64bit Problems on OpenSUSE 10.2

    Thanks for the reply. The client downgraded the machine to SUSE 10.0 and it now works fine with both the original swt.jar and the larger swt.jar. Don't ask me why!!!

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