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Thread: When to use Lookup vs Database Join

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    Default When to use Lookup vs Database Join

    How do we decide when it is better to use a lookup or a database join?

    Could you please provide me an example of the usage of a lookup? I was searching for it on the examples base, but could not find anything lookup related.

    Best regards,

    Reinaldo A Vasconcellos

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    Using database join will run the join query for every row. If you use lookup, the join table is stored in cache and kettle does the join instead.

    You may see better performance with stream lookup if the entire table can be cached.

    Hope that helps

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    Thks for the replay acimi.

    I will try to see if I can use the stream lookup on my transformation and see how the performance goes.

    Best Regards,

    Reinaldo A Vasconcellos

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