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Thread: Waht i must know?

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    Default Waht i must know?

    Hi all at the begin of my post i must wrote my english is hmmm bad i sorry.

    I must learn pentaho for my new job (to i have this job i must learn penatho)
    i have for this one month.
    And i want to know wahat i must know for start i start with sql but in "interbase"
    I realy want to learn this powerfull tool (i mean pentaho)
    but i dont know where i must start.
    I know i must bulit database and i bulit but i dont know waht i must do .
    i instal Apache Tomcat on my computer (windows platform) i instal mondrian and i dont know waht now.
    i have one month and i must do presentation for peoples from my new job.
    please help me.
    im from poland maybe someone on this forum is from poland too?
    please hellp
    from poland

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    wgorman Guest


    The quickest way to start learning the Pentaho Platform is to download the Pentaho Demo here:

    The JBoss app server is packaged with the demo. Once you have the examples running, you can go on to installing your own datasource. Check out this article for details:

    Hope this helps!


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    ok thx.

    i learn how to connect my dadabase to penaho
    but wahts now?

    i must create cube ,reports and etc.

    but what first?
    i have small database
    and i want to demonstrate how pentaho works .

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    I just built my first proof of concept with Pentaho, and found reports were a great way to get started. Have you downloaded the Pentaho Report Designer? I have version 1.2.0 build 143 on my computer. Start the report designer, and under the file menu you will find the report wizard. That will step you through a basic report.

    After you make your report, again look under the file menu and choose publish. If you haven't set up the publish password, make sure you choose "publish" instead of "publish to server". You will want to save your report somewhere in the Pentaho-Solutions folder. Make sure the box that says to create XAction is checked.

    Finally, open your web browser and navigate to Pentaho. Choose the admin tab, and then click refresh solution repository. Now go to the solutions tab and your report should be there.

    Good luck!

    p.s. I'm from the USA, but I played in a music competition in Lodz a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed Poland.

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    hehe i thing i have done all from rpaorting:>

    now i must learn analiss.

    thx anyway

    i live in poznan this is about 200km from lodz:>

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    Default Help


    With this link I can connect with my owndatabe but when I design a report and I put it in this route C:\pentaho-demo\pentaho-solutions\samples\reporting and I restart the service, the demo don´t start and appear this error ( I attach this )
    TKS for the help

    Best Regards
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