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Thread: MSSQL release Table lock?

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    Default MSSQL release Table lock?

    I m not sure but i think i ve found a bug in kettle 2.5 with MSSQL Server.
    I have a job that sends some SQL to MSSQL Server. If i press the cancel button in spoon i can't query this table anymore until i restart spoon.
    Does kettle set some MSSQL Server specific application locks on the tables? If yes it doesn't release them on job cancel event. Further it seems that there is no timeout for this lock

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    Possibly, raise a bug tracker at also attaching your transformation.


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    I had more or less the same problem.

    I was running my job on kitchen and I had to kill the processes. After that, one of the tables from the MS SQL server was locked. In my case, it didn't work again until I restarted the server. Any idea, how could that happen?

    PS - I had to kill the process because it was already locked waiting for some other MS SQL table, maybe because the job before didn't release the lock correctly, but I'm not sure... This table wasn't locked anymore as I restarted the job.

    Thanks for your help!
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