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Thread: Question with mapping

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    Default Question with mapping

    Hi all
    I don't know if it's an error or it's ok.
    I have a transformation with several database lookups.
    After that I put all lookup values in a table output with a mapping!!!
    But in a lookup field source field name is the same as the lookup field. I think it didn't matter because I'll map latter with the correct one.
    But when I run the transformation it maps to the first one (source) instead of the destination one!!! I saw the transformation xml and the mapping step doesn't specify the source of the field!!!
    I don't know if it's ok or it's a bug!!! Anyway I solved renaming the destination field in the lookup step!!!
    Sorry my bad English.

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    It's a restriction of PDI. If a fieldname appears twice in a row only the first one is taken (95% of the cases).
    The underlying reason (in v2.5) is that PDI usually translates names of fields into index numbers and the conversion searches a name from beginning to the end of the row until it finds the name: the first field with a name "wins".


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