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Thread: Memory usage and crashes

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    Default Memory usage and crashes


    My kettle script initially runs slowly, gets a little less slow and then crawls to a stop. The SQL SELECT completes in about 20 seconds returning 900k rows. The rest of the script chugs along at about 120rps untill kettle crashes to desktop at about 60k rows.

    I have been looking at my memory usage(2GB on local machine) and am concerned that I have made an obvious gaff to those in the know. The MSSQL Server sits at about 650MB of phisical with a similar amount of virtual. Java at 680MB with a similar amount of virtual and javaw at about 310MB with a similar amount of virtual. The values slowly creep up until it crashes. I disabled logging and the speed increased and more rows were eventually processed but it did not complete.

    I have attached my kettle file (laughter is not constructive) I have removed all lookups in favour of an initial SQL join of several tables as this was suggested on someone else's thread. The rest of the transformation is either Filters/INSERTS/JavaScript which I thought would be fairly rapid.

    MSSQL 2000
    java version
    kettle 2.5.0

    I would attach some of the debug info but kettle crashes. Is it dumped anywhere in the filesystem?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Matt B
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    At first sight too many steps, maybe you can see whether enlarging the memory for the JVM would help.

    And with which error does it crash... out of memory or something else?


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