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Thread: Accessing Security Authorities in JSP

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    Default Accessing Security Authorities in JSP


    I would like to access user's granted authorities in a jsp. How can i do ?

    I tried to look at SECURITY_PRINCIPAL pentaho session's attribute.

    Here is what i done :

    IPentahoSession userSession = UIUtil.getPentahoSession( request );
    UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken token=((UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken)userSession.getAttribute("SECURITY_PRINCIPAL"));
      User user= (User) token.getPrincipal();
      GrantedAuthority[] authorities= user.getAuthorities();
    This way i'm able to access the authorities, but i don't like this way of doing:
    - it needs to many casts,
    - it needs to use directly the acegi security package

    Is there another way to get those informations ? I did not found it in another PentahoSession attribute.


    Ronan DUNKLAU
    BPM Conseil

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    Default Use system-actions instead

    I have noticed that this approach was wrong : i would better have an xaction executed at every session opening, use the role in it and then store in the session the info i deduced from the role.

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    If you still need access to roles within a JSP, I recommend the Authorization Tag Libraries included with Acegi Security. You can also call (in a JSP scriptlet or expression) request.getRemoteUser(), request.getUserPrincipal(), and request.isUserInRole().

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