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Thread: Wait for creates high CPU load on linux

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    Default Wait for creates high CPU load on linux


    First of all great job guys.

    I've been using Kettle since about a year, and I really view it as my swiss-army knife. (did migrations, extensive data loads with 20Milj. plus lines etc)

    What I have noticed is that the "Wait for" job entry creates a absurdly high CPU-load.

    I can circumvent it by called a shell-script that does a sleep for X seconds, but I cannot imagine that this is intended behaviour.

    I could not find an entry in the forum about it, but maybe other people have noticed it also.

    PS: Matt hartelijk bedankt voor dit fantastische produkt!

    Thanks again,


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    Thx and strange... rite... no sleep just looping. I created a tracker for it:
    You can vote for it ;-)

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