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Thread: One to many and Many to many

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    Default One to many and Many to many

    Instead of populating a warehouse, I'm using Kettle to migrate data from an old version of a database schema, to a new, updated version of the schema.

    My question is, say I have people and orders. I want to insert people into the new schema, then insert all of their orders. The primary key for the person will be different from the old database, so I can't just jam the orders in there using the old key.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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    A conversion table, assuming you're talking about using surrogate id/integers as keys.

    Make a table with your business key, the old integer key, and place for a new one. Jam in the orders in the new database so that the new "surrogate id" is created. Scan over the conversion table and lookup/save the new surrogate ids in the conversion table. Then in whatever data you move which contains the old key, lookup the new key and save to the new database.


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