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Thread: Problem with XML-Import

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    Default Problem with XML-Import

    Dear Matt,

    I am really impressed by Kettle. Stuff I tried so far is really mature.

    Today I stumbled over a problem or bug using XML-Import. I imported 2000 XML
    files each 500 tags. No problem with Spoon. It analyses the structure pretty quick.

    After importing the data into MySQL I noticed that all values from some attributes
    were missing. These attributes seem to be attributes with empty or '' values in
    the very first XML-File (like <TAG></TAG>).

    I solved this issue by generating an XML-File with placeholder-values. This solution
    worked for me, but it is only a workaround.

    Please contact me if you want some sample files.

    Kind regards,


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    Make yourself a bug tracker at (under Pentaho Data Integration) with as much information as you can.


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