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Thread: Transformation in PentahoBI

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    Default Transformation in PentahoBI

    I have created my own transformation with PDI. Know i need to test it in Pentaho BI. What can I do ?
    NB: I use Pentho war file deployed in Tomcat and Mysql.

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    When you deployed to tomcat, you should have had a /pentaho-solutions folder already in existence somewhere.

    Put your transformation in there somewhere (???/pentaho-solutions/<mytests>/etl/file.ktr).

    Then, you need to create an XACTION for your file.ktr. That's beyond this list, but look at the Pentaho Design Studio and/or look at the examples within your existing pentaho-solutions folder.

    Parameter creation and passing is also done in the XACTION, but considering this is your first, I would recommend trying a simpler Transformation without params.

    After that, call your action either through the web interface, ViewAction REST call, or ServiceAction SOAP/webservice call.
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