Hey all,

I committed a change to PropsUI this afternoon that lets you override
the default UI properties file. Before this change, the .spoonrc file
was the default file used for spoon/pan, and the default location was
the users' home folder. But, for custom deployments where you want to
override the defaults (maybe with the OS look-and-feel for example, or
to have the tips no show on startup), there was no real way to specify
a different location or file name for the file. In the 3.x head, I
checked in a change to PropsUI that will check the system properties
for a setting:


To override the file, simply perform the following steps:

a- Create a properties file and put it where you want.
b- In spoon.bat, spoon.sh, or your eclipse run properties, include the
following in the VM arguments:

-Dorg.pentaho.di.ui.PropsUIFile=[filename] where [filename] is the
name of the file.

Take care,


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